The Industry's Undisputed Data Migration Leader

We're in the business of building trust and reducing risk so we can help our clients grow their businesses with our smart tools, and smart approach to working with data.

A Successful Team, Backed by the Experience of Smart People


Years of Experience

With organizations using our solutions globally.


Years of R&D

We create and deploy industry leading data tools.


Conversion Accuracy

We've reached an unparalleled level of success.

UCT Leading Data Experts

How We Became the Leading Data Experts

UCT was founded in 1992 in Dallas, Texas, and has since grown into a company with a global presence.

Throughout our history we've perfected a powerful combination of insurance expertise, migration experience, and the research and development of our own proprietary data tools.

The Principles Guiding Our Success

The Culture We Cultivate

UCT strives to create a workplace that empowers modest, innovative, independent experts united by our workplace culture. And, yes, we're hiring.

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