Connect to Old Data, and Use It to Your Advantage

Our process transforms data trapped in aging systems into an asset that drives your enterprise's value. From business intelligence to AI driven customer experiences and big data, once your data is unlocked the opportunities are endless.

UCT Services transform and integrate data

Our Experts Make the Unknown Known

We've worked with every type of source system or platform and know how data is handled by legacy systems. Even if data is missing and incomplete.

UCT Services transform and integrate data with access to legacy systems

Look at Old Data To Reveal New Uses for It

Our legacy-friendly tools directly connect to outdated systems so we can analyze and understand the data held within them.

UCT Services transform and integrate data into understandable formats

Transform Data Into Understandable Formats

With a connection to legacy systems established, we create integration routines that take valuable data and transforms it for use in new experiences.

UCT services transform and integrate data for use into modern it systems

Load Data to Modern Destinations

Transformed or cleansed data is now ready for any modern enterprise-class use. The opportunities are endless.

UCT services transform and integrate data fast and cheaper than the competition

What Makes Us Different

Because of our short timelines and subscription-based integration code, we're able to offer a much smaller implementation cost than enterprise ETL (Extract, Transform, Load) solutions.

Build a Better Bridge to Your Data To Drive New and Modern Experiences

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