A Challenging Mainframe Release Upgrade Project | UCT
10.08.2017 to 22.08.2017
at P3

Retrofit over 1,000 mods and catch up to six years of releases

Penn Mutual Life, a prominent Northeastern insurance company, needed to apply six years of accumulated release upgrades to their mainframe Life administration system, and integrate 1,000 custom modifications in a compressed timeframe with no room for project slippage. Complicating the project, some mods required retrofits to work on the final release which necessitated extensive testing. They had run the release upgrade programs and now needed staff augmentation to perform retrofits, code review, regression and model office testing. The environment was complicated in that the mods were in Assembler. While some UDT tables were changed to transactions, which eliminated some of the modifications, the transactions still had to go through testing...