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10.08.2017 to 22.08.2017
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DCA v11.1 – DCA Generates Java Conversion Modules!

Data Conversion Architect version 11.1 is now available

January 11, 2016 – Universal Conversion Technologies, (UCT), the leader in data migrations for Insurance industry, is excited to announce our newest release of our Data Conversion Architect tool set (DCA), version 11.1.

DCA v11.1 brings to UCT a significant new tool in its data migration tool set – Java code generation. UCT has used DCA effectively for more than 15yrs to generate COBOL data migration source code. While this continues to meet the needs of conversions that involve legacy systems, for non-legacy migrations, we now offer Java as an alternative to COBOL. The features that have been added or enhanced to support Java code generation in DCA include the following:

  • Language Settings – DCA v11 features simple language selection options. Chose COBOL to generate modules in COBOL. Choose Java and what once generated COBOL now generates Java. Whether creating conversion code, data auditing and cleanup code, balancing code, or programs that read/write delimited data, changing the language of the generated code is simple and easy.
  • Create Java Classes from COBOL Copybooks – When migrating to or from legacy systems, Java classes may not be available to read or write data. On the other hand, it is common to have COBOL copybooks that do this. DCA v11 allows the user to create Java classes directly from copybook files or from copybooks already stored in your DCA systems.
  • Create Java Classes from SQL DDL – DCA v11 includes features for generating Java classes suitable for storing database data directly from SQL DDL. These classes include the attributes of the original database columns so that DCA’s can use them to automatically detect and report truncation. They also are built with methods for reading and writing fixed length records and the COBOL data types that are common to legacy systems.
  • Import Java Classes – When there are already existing Java classes that can be used to store data from a file or database, DCA v11 can import that file into your system. Once imported, datamaps can be constructed to read and write directly to or from those fields.
  • Java Class Management Features – DCA v11 includes a whole suite of features designed to make managing Java Classes easy. You can create a new class, import an existing class, edit a class, or delete a class quickly and easily.

In addition to Java-related features, DCA v11.1 includes many additional features and enhancements designed to make the creation of the data translation program easier. For more information about DCA v11.1 or how UCT can help you with your data migration challenge, use our online request or contact us at (972) 717-5690.

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