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The right data
migration tools

UCT’s proprietary toolset supports the transfer of data between systems on any platform coded in any language. Our data conversion product line features software and tools that help you complete your data integration project from project planning to data balancing and reconciliation.

The right toolset, the right people and the right methodology
are the three key components to UCT solutions.



What we can do for you

UCT is your one-stop solution for complex data conversions.
DCA, with its reporting and code analysis capability, allows your experts to drive the process and:

  • Quickly generate conversion source code and test data sets.
  • Identify and correct data-related issues.
  • Understand complex COBOL application code.
  • Respond rapidly to changing requirements.
  • Generate precise user-friendly documentation.

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Data Conversion Architect

The result of more than 25 years of continuous development and significant R&D investments, the Data Conversion Architect (DCA) is a powerful, web-based collaboration toolset that generates conversion source code modules from business rules to automate the development, testing and reporting phases of a conversion system development lifecycle.

Over the years, this comprehensive package of software and tools has been optimized to plan and perform any type of data migration project, from data analysis, scrubbing and cleanup to mapping, file conversion, balancing and reconciliation.

DCA has been used for conversions that have involved as many as 2.4 million records in a single project. With a data conversion rate of 99.9%, DCA has been essential to UCT’s success in hundreds of data migration projects for insurance and other clients. DCA can be installed on a client’s server and deliver the complete data integration process to your desktop, including:

  • Sophisticated data audit and data cleanup capabilities
  • Complete reporting generated on demand throughout the process
  • Powerful error detection, correction and reporting features
  • Run-time exceptions tracking
  • Fully customizable compare/balance functionality to verify results
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DCA Reporting

This essential DCA component collects the various error, warning and status messages that are created during a data migration and presents them in a way that makes them easier to understand and analyze.Here is what DCA Reporting provides:

  • Automatic message creation 
  • Multi-tiered message severity
  • Custom messages
  • Up to 50 data points per message
  • Message assignment
  • High-level message summaries
  • Drill down into message detail data

UCT’s reporting gathers, organizes, and consolidates all the information generated during complex data conversion projects including:

  • Real time data analysis and audit integrity
  • Conversion results from cycle-up through final totals
  • Balancing and reconciliation information
  • Exception reports and other messages

DCA Reporting also allows you to compare data from different runs:

  • High-level management reports allow what-if modeling scenarios
  • Displays information about map logic and conversion flow
  • Analyzes conversion problem hierarchy (fix most important problems first – cascade effect)
  • Shows error by assigned resource and organization
  • Retains history of previous runs for comparison and progress reports
  • Improves efficiency in all phases from unit tests to final conversion runs
  • Output data to Excel spreadsheets if desired
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DCA Code Crawler

Did you know that around 80% of the world’s actively used code is none other than COBOL? This UCT toolset makes sense of COBOL code, which is used in most legacy systems.

The DCA Code Crawler is an optional software extension that includes COBOL source code analysis features. It looks at a collection of related source code files and identifies the fields, files, sections (procedures) and programs. Rich analysis tools help the user understand the raw code and drill into and isolate business rules. Here is what DCA Code Crawler provides:

  • Drill-down code analysis
  • Field list and field usage
  • File list and file usage
  • Search – Include synonyms/abbreviations in search
  • Portable synonym/abbreviation lists
  • Common code formatting regardless of actual formatting
  • Color-coded line types


UCT also provides COBOL programming services.

The bulk of our work is still mainframe-related, so we employ some of the most skilled COBOL programmers in the industry to work on data migration projects involving legacy COBOL systems.

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Whether you have inquiries about insurance, wealth management or data migration, whether you are around the block or on the other side of the world, please fill in the form and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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