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The know-how to get it right

The know-how to get it right

At UCT, we really understand data migrations. We look at a project from a business perspective rather than just a technical or data standpoint. We believe that what matters most is a thorough understanding of the operational differences between the source and target systems so that source product data can be transformed to process perfectly on the target system.

To achieve that, we bring together the right people, the right tools and the right methodology. This unique combination can typically reduce the timeframe and the estimated cost of a project by 40-60%, while significantly lowering project risk.

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UCT service offering

UCT can help you achieve your objectives, whether you need an end-to-end turnkey solution or assistance on one phase of the data migration process.

Our service offering covers every aspect of the data migration process and we often run projects from start to finish. UCT delivers proven data migration solutions for the life, health, and property and casualty insurance industries, as well as other sectors, including financial institutions, court systems and government agencies.

Our extensive experience allows us to greatly reduce risk by committing to fixed-cost projects and ±10% budget predictability.

End-to-end data migration services

  • Turnkey solution using our Data Conversion Architect (DCA)
  • Pre-project data migration study
  • Migration project planning
  • Migration project management
  • Data analysis/auditing
  • Data cleansing
  • Data balancing

Related services

  • Development of conversion center of excellence
  • Staff augmentation
  • COBOL programming
  • Product configuration


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The right methodology

Traditional software development methodologies are not suitable for data migration. Using the DCA tool and UCT’s unique methodology, you obtain several benefits, including:

  • Cost reductions resulting from the smaller teams UCT uses for source code development (DCA collects 4GL business logic from business analysts and uses it to automatically generate source code – turning the analysts into programmers).
  • Visible data as early as possible in the process, which is key to a successful conversion.
  • The automatic creation of documentation perfectly synchronized with source code.


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The right people

We help lower costs by using very small, highly skilled project teams with deep industry knowledge. Almost all team members have grown up in insurance company back-offices and have been on our staff for over 10 years on average.

More than programmers, our people are data migration experts. Whether their task is project definition, data analysis, project management, business rules definition or driver development, they know what issues to anticipate and how to resolve them.

In addition, we have data migration experience with over 60 legacy and modern systems in use in North America.



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Our experts have seen it all

UCT has migrated to or from every conceivable policy administration system and we have experience with all common platforms and operating systems.

We have performed some 40 conversions on CSD (formerly Cybertek), around 20 to/from Accenture, more than 10 on LifePRO, over 20 home-grown systems, and many others.

Our impressive track record in the life insurance marketplace means more predictable outcomes… and data migrations performed faster and more cost-effectively.


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