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10.08.2017 to 22.08.2017
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Look to the future with us

We are always looking for skilled talent to help us meet our clients’ data migration goals and challenges.

Look to the future with us

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Having a career at UCT

Want to be part of the world’s best data migration outfit?

Our clients come to us for our deep insurance expertise and our long-standing experience in carrying out data migrations and conversions.

We come to you with one of the most inspiring challenges you will find in the IT consulting industry.

What do you bring? How can you help us add value? We’d like to know.

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UCT at a glance

UCT specializes in high-volume, complex data migration projects that frequently involve multiple source and target systems.

We have a solid reputation in the insurance industry for having successfully delivered over 150 migration and conversion projects through a unique combination of highly skilled staff, proven methodology and exclusive technology tools.

We have migrated to or from every conceivable policy administration system and we have experience with all common platforms and operating systems.

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A productive work environment

By allowing our consultants to work in a virtual environment, our business model increases productivity and helps reduce a client’s overall project costs. Depending on client requirements, our consultants typically spend less than 10% of their time on site (25-50% for project managers).

UCT consultants can end up working on all aspects of the data migration process.

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We hire consultants

Our consultants work naturally within a team of highly skilled and experienced peers. They most often work from their home office from which they solve customer problems remotely while connected to the client's production and email systems. UCT consultants have participated in over 150 successful data conversions and data migrations.

- UCT business analysts are experts in insurance products and systems who have a deep understanding of policy, claim, rating and financial systems and issues.

- UCT programmer analysts are experts in insurance systems who are comfortable in structured program development and can implement customized drivers and triggers in mainframe and non-mainframe systems.

- UCT project managers are typically business analysts who enjoy the added role of leading projects and attaining results.

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Do you have the right profile?

Experience is the hallmark of our consulting staff and UCT is very selective in the recruiting process. The consultants we hire are experts in their industry, typically with over 10 years of detailed experience in their field, especially in insurance systems, including home-grown systems. In return for their expertise and their ability to deliver projects with great customer satisfaction, our consultants are provided great independence in their work and work location.

All prospective UCT consultants have these qualities:

- A deep understanding of insurance products
- Hands-on experience with multiple insurance administration systems
- Experience with conversions
- Ability to work independently and remotely
- Good communications skills
- Previous consulting experience is also valued.

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