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About UCT

Trusted experts since 1992

Universal Conversion Technologies (UCT) was founded in 1992. Operating out of the Dallas/Ft. Worth Texas area, UCT is a subsidiary of Equisoft, a world provider of digital business solutions for the insurance and wealth management industries. UCT clients include U.S., Canadian and Asian financial services companies, as well as third-party administrators.

A different way of looking at data migration

UCT was founded in 1992 by Dan O’Hara, FLMI. As a senior-level consultant in the insurance industry with involvement in many large-scale data conversion projects, Dan knew there had to be a better way to do data conversions.

Using his extensive life insurance expertise and data migration experience, Dan reengineered the data conversion process from a business perspective. He went on to develop a new conversion methodology that has been embraced by the life insurance and financial services industries.

Over the years, Dan’s development team perfected the Data Conversion Architect (DCA) toolset, now at version 11. The experienced project and management team today combines technology and UCT consultants to effectively handle any data conversion challenge.

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Reliable approach. Superior ROI.

UCT’s data migration expertise has been used by many of the top financial services companies in the world to migrate millions of policy records to a variety of systems on mainframe, midrange and PC platforms. What’s more, we do it faster, leaner and better than traditional IT firms. Our timelines and resource usage is so much smaller that we actually cost less than a big company, and we do it better because we understand the industry and the data.


Small team of experts with in-depth industry knowledge, in-depth systems skills, plus data migration experience. Large team of vendor resources with generic system knowledge, in-house or external programmers new to the source systems, and usually limited migration knowledge.
We are well-known in the industry and work well alongside in-house resources, vendors and other service providers. Rather than adopt a pure hierarchical, contract and subcontract approach, UCT prefers to be flexible and team up with the client’s selected internal and external providers in order to guarantee results.
We view data migration as a business project and bring a methodology and tools that eliminate the technical challenges. Data migration is seen as a technical challenge and focus is put there at the expense of the business-related issues.
Our DCA tool puts business experts in control of the data migration, enables early testing and easy error management. External and in-house programmers are in control of data migration; business experts may get involved late in the process.
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A strong track record

UCT specializes in high-volume, complex data migration projects that frequently involve multiple source and target systems. We have a solid reputation in the insurance industry for having successfully delivered over 150 migration and conversion projects through a unique combination of highly skilled staff, proven methodology and exclusive technology tools.

UCT has completed projects for hundreds of insurance companies and policy admin vendors. We have migrated to or from every conceivable policy administration system and we have experience with all common platforms and operating systems.

Our experts have seen it all… As a result, we guarantee the success of your project, whether you need a turnkey solution or just want help on one phase of the data migration process.



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A productive work environment

By allowing our consultants to work in a virtual environment, our business model increases productivity and helps to reduce overall project costs. Depending on client requirements, our consultants typically spend less than 10% of their time on site (25-50% for PMs).

We use industry-recognized security methods and customer-approved access mechanisms.

Since our methodology does not require that any of our clients’ data ever be stored on UCT or consultant computers, the data is always protected behind the access mechanisms provided by the client.

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UCT's senior managers are recognized experts in their field, committed to delivering innovative, high-quality business solutions designed to help our clients achieve their objectives. For more information about our data migration expertise, DCA licencing agreements or any other aspects of our service offering, please contact us.

Chris Moroz
Director of Sales, Data Conversion & Migration
Mike Allee
President, UCT
Mauricio Monroy
Vice President, LATAM


UCT is the undisputed insurance data migration leader in North America with over 150 successful projects completed for hundreds of insurance companies and vendors.