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Every successful data migration starts with careful planning

Are you planning for success?

Every data migration project is different. The systems differ, the platforms differ, the data storage techniques and access mechanism differ, data volumes differ, the length of the migration windows differ, etc. Even though the projects are always different one thing is always the same - every UCT client has recognized the necessity of a complete and detailed project plan as the starting point. When a data migration project plan is complete and detailed, it means that the project's cost, timeline, and resource requirements can be accurately estimated. If these things are not accurately estimated before a project is started, the project is headed for failure.

Image of UCT data migration project plan

UCT has the expertise to accurately plan your data migration project

Since 1992 UCT has been involved in project planning for 100s of successful data migration projects. We've planned many variations of the UCT solution, which uses UCT experts, tools, and methods, as well as projects supported by resources, tools, and methods provided by our customers and vendors. From this vast experience we've built and have been refining a universal data migration project plan. This plan is what we use as a starting point for a data migration project and then we tailor it to meet the customer's unique needs. When we are done, you can be assured that the UCT plan will be the most comprehensive plan possible. With a project plan prepared by UCT, you can be confident in the expected cost, timeline, and resources required for your project.

UCT has the project planning experience you need to ensure success

For more information about UCT's project planning services, contact Rae Albertini at (972) 717-5690 or submit our online information request form.

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